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Our Vision: Inspiring Investment for a Better World. Our Mission: Providing Excellence in Fundraising.

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Acting in your best interest

Our Vision: Inspiring Investment for a Better World. Our Mission: Providing Excellence in Fundraising.

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As your fundraising partner, we design, build and implement customized strategic and achievable fundraising program plans to move your organization to heightened levels of financial support and success by maximizing net revenue and building capacity for sustainable growth.


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Revenue Generation

RevGen specializes in full-service revenue generation.

Over 45 years of experience

Our Partners have over 45 years of combined experience in fundraising, marketing & communications.

Marketing & Communications

RevGen specializes in full-service Marketing and Communications.

Our values are powered by performance through

people, passion, planning, preparation, perseverance, pride and purpose.

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About Us


RevGen Specializes in full-service Social Sector revenue generation, marketing and corporate communications.

We design, customize, build and implement strategic and sensible Fundraising Plans to move organizations to heightened levels of financial support and success by maximizing net revenue and building capacity for sustainable growth.

We have served as executives, senior and junior staff and as consultants to organizations in each Social Sector category – Political, Charitable and Non-Profit.

We have deep experience as both strategists and practitioners in each category of the Social Sector and within each channel of Fundraising, Marketing and Corporate Communications.

Our RevGen Partners have 42 years of combined experience in Social Sector Fundraising, Marketing and Communications.


About Our Partners

Sharon Flashford


Sharon is a Partner at RevGen Professional Fundraising. A transformational leader, Sharon has over 25 years of experience as a professional fundraiser – building organizational, financial and human capacity for fundraising success. Her specialty is comprehensive fundraising program design, development and execution, including: strategic visioning & planning; leadership development; revenue generation; portfolio and project management; process improvement; organizational effectiveness & development; marketing & communications; stakeholder engagement and relationship management.

Sharon’s strong track record as an active, contributing senior leader in the transformation of the organizations she served in staff roles continues to build as she brings that wealth of experience, knowledge and success to her consultancy and business development for RevGen clients.


  • An accomplished career as an industry leader in social sector fundraising, marketing and communications for charitable, non-profit and political organizations, having served at all levels, and as both a strategist and practitioner.
  • Achieved fundraising record breaking success in every organization throughout career.
  • Successfully built and implemented comprehensive local, provincial and national fundraising programs based on quality, relevance & sustainability for one provincial, and four national organizations.
  • Develop, manage and maintain a significant roster of relationships across the industry – donors, leadership volunteers, vendors, partners and colleagues – and have mentored a generation of young fundraisers in their craft.



“I believe in the potential of making the world a better place through the human action of our shared social responsibility and intrinsic philanthropic purpose. Philanthropic pursuits, be they intangibles like victory or a cure, or tangibles like breakfast for a hungry child or bricks for a new hospital, each requires a winning plan to make them a reality. As a professional fundraiser, I see my role as a Philanthropic Broker to help bring opportunities to Philanthropic Investors who can provide the goodwill of both hope and immediate outcomes for a better world. Wanting to feel good is human nature, but doing good is human action. I am inspired to build the investment case for good causes and create the investment plan to bring them to life. Presenting sound investment opportunities to Donors with the rewarding returns of a better world, is satisfying, and securing their support is the win, for all of us.”

Mariana Di Rezze


Mariana is a Partner at RevGen Professional Fundraising. Highly passionate and creative, Mariana has 15 years of experience in communications, media relations, issues management and marketing, and 8 years of experience in professional fundraising. She has a demonstrated track record in a range of disciplines within each sector. From project and event management, developing and executing successful national media campaigns, providing strategic counsel to elected officials, surpassing fundraising goals through multiple channels year-over-year, Mariana draws on her experience in both sectors to truly customize unique and highly successful fundraising programs for RevGen clients. Specializing in revenue maximization, Mariana uses her network and connections from both sectors and her combined skillset to develop winning strategies for success.



  • As Vice President of Business Development for the PC Ontario Fund, the fundraising arm of the PC Party of Ontario, Mariana was a senior leader on the fundraising teams that were responsible for breaking every fundraising record in the Party’s history
  • Extensive political experience at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal level, including senior positions in the Office of the Premier of Ontario
  • Held various senior roles in Marketing, Media Relations and Corporate Communications for the Top Tier Olympic Retail Sponsor of the 2006, 2008 and 2010 Olympic Games



“The world of fundraising is vast – there is an unprecedented number of charities and good causes competing in the philanthropic marketplace creating endless opportunities for donors to consider. Donors are reached through every marketing channel with the help of trend-setting advancements through each medium. What drives me is finding creative ways to cut through the noise to connect with donors, supporters and volunteers to motivate, energize and engage them for your mission. My passion in fundraising is centred on that connectivity to advance our clients’ mission and fundraising success.”

RevGen Principles

Integrity: quality ▪ honesty ▪ transparency ▪ ethics ▪ diligence ▪ compliance

Partnership: trust ▪ respect ▪ value ▪ clarity ▪ engagement ▪ deliver

Leadership: professionally ▪ personally ▪ sector



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